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  • Back room of restaurant with tables and chairs
Call to Reserve: +1 415 546 5089
With its beautiful mosaic tile floor and rich wood paneling, the Pied Piper is the perfect place for comfortable, relaxed dining. Enjoy classic California Fare for supper and a beverage menu featuring a wonderful selection of wine, beer, spirits, traditional favorites and signature Palace cocktails. For more than a century, the historic Pied Piper has been the favored spot of locals and visitors from around the world where all feel right at home in this welcoming atmosphere.
  • 2 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco CA 94105
  • Hours:
  • 4:00 - 10:30 PM
Restaurant mural
History Of The Pied Piper
The Pied Piper, originally named The Happy Valley Bar, made its grand opening in 1909. Composed specifically for the re-opening after the 1906 earthquake, Maxfield Parrish created The Pied Piper of Hamelin painting; which has continued to grace the hotel for over 100 years.
Restaurant mural
Executive Chef John Hart
Inspired by his Southern Texas roots and his parents’ love and respect for quality and tradition, Chef John Hart’s culinary career began from an early age. After graduating from the American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship program at age 20, Chef Hart sought opportunities to further develop his own creativity. Hart’s culinary repertoire flourished in southern California during a Sous Chef program under Chef Bob Brody Shepherds Restaurant at Sheraton Harbor Hotel in San Diego, CA.
Decorative wallpaper and chandeliers in palace
Executive Sous Chef Marck Banagan
Born and raised in Hercules, California, Marck Banagan fell in love with cooking at a very young age. As a child, he spent weekend mornings in his grandmother's kitchen helping her prep for large, elaborate family meals. Her passion for cooking and sharing food was contagious. Marck treasured every moment spent with his grandmother and appreciated learning her techniques and secret recipes. Her Filipino style cuisine made a lasting impression on Marck. He carries that with him today as he creates dishes that are extremely beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. His greatest culinary reward comes when he has made a lasting impression - creating a dining experience that lingers long after the meal has been enjoyed.